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Everest Turmeric Powder 200 g

Everest Turmeric Powder

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Brand Everest
MRP 54.00
Offer Price 53.50

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Turmeric Powder is proved as one of the best product of Everest. The contribution of Turmeric powder is amazing in making our dishes aromatic and colored. Turmeric powder by Everest is a garden fresh one with a golden yellow color that plays a vital role of adding key-colors to our curries and dishes along with increasing the taste of food. This turmeric powder is rich in carcumin (colour property) content. The mild amalgamation of earthy and woody flavor makes your dishes more alluring. It rouses protein digestion, and also helps in blood purifying.

Everest, since 45 years has inspired people to use branded spices. Everest is marketed across 4,00,000 outlets in India, nearly 1000 towns and is catering to nearly 20,000 households on a regular basis. Since its inception Everest Masala has won many awards such as Superbrand (thrice in succession in 2003-04, 2006-07 and 2009-10) and Consumer Reaction Award (twice in a row, in 2004 and 2005) and others. Everest has won the accolades for being the largest selling and most popular spice brand over a long period of time on a continued basis.

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27.00 / 100 g
53.50 / 200 g

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