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Nandini Good Life Cow Milk 1 Ltr

Nandini Good Life Cow Milk

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Brand Nandini
MRP 48.00
Offer Price 48.00

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Experience the authenticity of quality milk, with Nandini Goodlife. Nandini Goodlife is hygienically collected from tract of Holstein - Friesian cows. The milk is homogenised, UHT Processed and aseptically packed in a special six layer, tamper-proof Tetra Packaging with 100% pure health and 0% bacteria. This new six layer tamper proof, Tetra Fino Packaging sticks down to the freshness and prevents air, light and bacteria from entering the pack. As a result, Nandini Milk stays fresh and unadulterated for a minimum of 45 days until opened, even without refrigeration.

From Karntaka Milk Federation, Nandini is the household name for pure and fresh milk. "Sink your tongue in a real taste of Nandini Goodlife Cow Milk"

Other variants

10.00 / 200 ml
23.00 / 500 ml
48.00 / 1 Ltr

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