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Aashirvaad Ready To Eat Pav Ready Meals Pav Bhaji 285 g

Aashirvaad Ready To Eat Pav Ready Meals Pav Bhaji

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Brand Aashirvaad
MRP 75.00
Offer Price 75.00

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Grab the packet of Aashirvaad Ready Meals Pav Bhaji, a blend of fresh vegetables mashed and cooked with butter along with spices. Relish on this Pav Bhaji cooked in the Mumbai style with a whole pack of Pav Bread. The succulent taste of the dish will surely arouse your taste buds. Aashirvaad Ready To Eat Pav Bhaji comes in a hygienically sealed and technically processed packet that offers an impeccable delight when served hot. At ITC Aashirvaad, extra care is taken to keep the ingredients as natural as possible. Aashirvaad is a by-product wing owned by the ITC Ltd. Aashirvaad produces a varied range of foods and ingredients for kitchen needs. In a short period of its existence, Aashirvaad established itself as one of the leading brands in the market across India.

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